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Which industries are involved in injection molding processing?


1. First of all, in terms of cost, the price of raw materials required for injection molded parts processing is lower than that of general technical materials. Some are several times lower than metal materials. Moreover, the output rate of products is also higher than that of metal materials. And then show the advantages of low cost and high return. Therefore, many occupations need such products. The most prominent embodiment is the automobile production industry. Take the former bumper as an example, which is the most common bumper on a car, and it uses injection molding products. Some people may think that injection molded parts are not strong. This is actually a kind of misunderstanding. Injection molded products are not only light in weight, but also strong in toughness. It can buffer the force after being hit by an external force. Compared with metal materials, this is also an important reason why automobile manufacturers choose injection molding products.

2. We can compare in appearance. The interiors of the automotive industry are basically injection molded products. This can show that injection molded parts have strong plasticity and can be made into injection molded parts of various shapes. Another reason why automotive professionals choose injection molded parts is that the lighter interior of metal materials can reduce the drag of the car at high speeds.

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