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To make 100 pieces of plastic parts, do you want to use 3D or Plastic injection molding, which is cheaper?


Today we will discuss whether to use 3D or plastic injection molding to make 100 pieces of plastic parts, which is more cost-effective.

First of all, we must comprehensively consider the application requirements of the parts, material materials, dimensional tolerance accuracy, stress analysis strength, physical properties, etc.;
Secondly, in terms of the possibility of processing, in addition to the latest 3D printing, the parts can also be machined from plastic raw blanks.
I finally considered opening the mold. After all, 100 plastic parts are not many, and a set of molds will cost more. Unless it is determined that there will be large batches of parts to be produced in the future.
After choosing a processing method through the above considerations, let multiple factories make quotations, compare their quotations and make samples.
Comprehensively compare which sample meets the requirements for use, and mass production can be done if the price is reasonable.
(Reminder: Not the lowest price is the most cost-effective, and the low unit price often has pits. Especially in the industry of machined parts, our company will provide you with the best service.)