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Steel Forging
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Steel Forging

China Customized Youlin® Steel Forging Suppliers. For more than 10 years, Youlin located in Ningbo, China, is the professional Forging company specialized in supplying our customers with high quality custom steel forging components. All our industries served are agricultural machinery, automotive industry, construction machinery, lifting industry, oilfield industry, etc. Besides forging, we could also supply other value added services for finished products.

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Product Description

China Customized Steel Forging Suppliers. 

Our business puts emphasis over the administration, the introduction of talented staff, plus the construction of employees building, striving hard to boost the standard and liability consciousness of staff members. Our corporation successfully attained IS9001 Certification and European CE Certification of Reasonable price for China Steel Forging, We welcome an prospect to do small business along with you and hope to have pleasure in attaching further particulars of our merchandise.
Reasonable price for China Forging Machining Parts,  Forging Parts, We follow superior mechanism to process these products and solutions that ensure optimum durability and reliability of the merchandise. We follow latest effective washing and straightening processes that allow for us to provide unmatched quality of solutions for our clients. We continually strive for perfection and all our efforts are directed towards attaining complete client satisfaction.

1. What is Steel Forging

Steel ForgingYoulin® Steel Forging is one of the oldest methods to produce steel components in a solid status. In steel forging, billet or bar pieces are cut to length and then heated to the plastic or forging temperature of the specific steel alloy. The piece is then placed into a press, where tons—and sometimes tens of thousands of tons—of force are used to mash the soft billet or bar into the void of the forging dies.
Two types of dies are used in the steel forging process. The first is “open-die,” for which the forging process yields a part close to the desired shape and geometry. The second is “closed-die,” which can yield parts that require minimal machining. The closed-die process yields a part with some exterior flash around its periphery that needs to be removed in a second pressing operation. After the part has been forged and the flash removed, it is ready for post-weld heat treatment, if required, and then final machining to shape.

2. Advantages of Steel Forging

Youlin® Steel forging can produce components that are stronger than an equivalent cast or machined part. As the steel billet is shaped during the closed die forging process, its internal grain deforms to follow the general shape of the part. As a result, the grain is continuous throughout the part, giving rise to a part with improved strength characteristics.

Closed die steel forging can be used to create parts made out of almost all steel alloys, including carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel. Thanks to no material limitations, parts are able to be made to fit your exact needs of a variety of applications.

Steel Forging with closed die method is able to produce near net shapes for parts. As a result, these forged components require little or no machining, which saves both time and money.

Steel Forging can target a lower total cost for the large demands of components when compared to a casting or fabrication. When you consider all the costs that are involved in a product's life cycle from procurement to lead time to rework, then factor in the costs of scrap, downtime and further quality issues, the long-term benefits of steel forgings can outweigh the short-term cost savings that castings or fabrications might offer.

3. Steel Forging for Automotive Application

Steel Forging is always perferred to produce critical components for automotive application. With closed die forging method, all kinds of automotive components could be customized in any steel alloys, such as AISI 1045 steel, ASTM4140 steel, etc.

Typical Automotive Forgings are:

◆Connecting rods ◆Control arm ◆Rocker arm ◆Crankshaft ◆Camshaft ◆Tie rod end ◆Steering knuckle

Steel Forging

4. Steel Forging for Valve Components

Steel ForgingYoulin® Steel forging in closed dies can produce precision valve components with net shape. Less or no second machining operation will be done.

Due to the pressing process of steel billet, closed die forging will greatly add the strength of valve components. Higher strength is really important for the application of valve components.

The steel forging process is ideally suited to smaller valve components because of the cost of the dies as well as the cost of the forging process itself.

Steel forging is workable for all custom valve components, such as valve body, valve disc, etc.

The quality of forged steel valve components is almost always better than the same parts when casting.

5. FAQ

Q: Is forged steel stronger than steel?

A: Forged steel is generally stronger and more reliable than castings and plate steel due to the fact that the grain flows of the steel are altered, conforming to the shape of the part.

Q: How strong is forged steel?

A: Steel forging is stronger than casting.

Forged parts had a 37% higher fatigue strength resulting in a much longer lifespan than cast parts. Cast iron only had 66% of the yield strength of forged steel, a measurement that indicates the load amount metal can hold before deforming.

Q: What is forged steel used for?

A: Steel forging is generally used in mechanical and industrial applications due to its strength and availability, and due to the existence of specialized alloys such as stainless and carbon steel. Steel forging offers unsurpassed strength for the manufacture of parts.

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