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Plastic CNC Machining
  • Plastic CNC MachiningPlastic CNC Machining
  • Plastic CNC MachiningPlastic CNC Machining
  • Plastic CNC MachiningPlastic CNC Machining
  • Plastic CNC MachiningPlastic CNC Machining
  • Plastic CNC MachiningPlastic CNC Machining

Plastic CNC Machining

We have been providing Youlin® Plastic CNC Machining and fabricating plastic components for global customers with competitive prices for many years. Our CNC equipment can carry out services, including Milling, Turning, Drilling, Grinding. We are capable of creating high-performance plastics of various materials in sheets, round rods, and more.

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Product Description

No matter new buyer or old purchaser, We believe in long expression and trusted relationship for Manufacturer of China OEM Customized Youlin® Plastic CNC Machining, We sincerely do our best to provide the ideal service for the many consumers and businessmen.
Manufacturer of China CNC Machining Parts,  OEM CNC Machining Parts, Now, with the development of internet, and the trend of internationalization, we've decided to extend business to overseas market. With the propose of bringing more profits to oversea customers by providing directly abroad. So we've got changed our mind, from home to abroad, hope to offer our customers more profit, and looking forward to more chance to make business.

1.Our Plastic CNC Machining Services

Plastic CNC Machining Due to the fact that plastic parts are in great demand for prototyping and customized CNC plastic parts production, a lot of Youlin® Plastic CNC Machining Services sprang up. They definitely make the manufacturing process faster and easier for all parties. It is especially effective if you don’t have any prior experience with cutting plastic or manufacturing polymer parts overall. Our factory gathers the best manufacturing specialists, machinists, and design for manufacturability engineers. They will not only be able to procure a professional and aesthetic prototype but will also point out some design issues, improving which can significantly decrease the manufacturing time and cost.

2.The Role of Plastic CNC Machining in Prototyping

Plastic CNC MachiningPlastic CNC Machining services is tightly related to CNC prototyping art. Polymer materials are perfect for prototype creation and engineering validation. The reason for that is that plastics are actually quite easy to machine. If you don’t have any heating or molding equipment, manufacturing parts from CNC plastic blocks is a good way to get those prototypes easy and fast. You can use the same widespread equipment that is used to process metals, hence, great flexibility. And the cutting speeds and feeds will be much faster, hence, smaller lead-time and an opportunity to test your product sample faster and bring it into the market before your competitors.

3.Tips on Plastic CNC Machining

When machining plastic, some criteria have to be considered which are responsible for whether top results are achieved in the final product.
These points are important to consider:

1. Clamping free of tension The clamping should be as free of tension as possible to obtain distortion-free results.

2. The cutting tool should be extremely sharp The smoother a plastic is, the more difficult is the machining of the material. Also, polished flutes at the cutter help to evacuate the hot chips cleanly and reliably to prevent clogging of the flutes.

3. Cooling directly at the cutting tool For most types of plastics, it is to require to cool the milling process directly on the router using a coolant. Often plain water is enough. The melting point of the material to be milled is lowered which also can prevent clogging on the cutter to prevent a final rupture.

4. Low rotational speed You should choose the rotational speed of the cutting tool as low as possible when milling plastic to prevent increasing temperatures at the infeed point.

5. Deburring of the workpiece after milling Plastic has to be deburred after milling because the chipping produces sharp edges which cause the risk of injury or the damage of power cables. For the sake of blunting the sharp edges, they are deburred with a special blade of a deburring tool.

Conclusion: Reduce the cutting force and temperature as much as possible, select appropriate front angle, back angle, main angle, minor cutting edge angle, tip arc radius, etc., to improve the productivity and tool durability, save the machining cost. Keep the cutters sharp and freeze the material when it's not rigid enough.

Plastic CNC Machining

4. FAQ

Q: Why Choose Plastic CNC Machining Over Other Methods?
A: Plastic CNC Machining offers distinct advantages over injection molding, rapid prototyping, and 3D printing:
Tighter tolerances
Works for a wider range of materials
More economical for lower volumes than injection molding

Q: Which plastic is best for machining?
A: Compared with metals, plastics generally allow for higher feed rates and create less wear and tear on machines and cutting bits. Yet, certain plastics remain tricky to machine. They may melt, chip, or go out of tolerance as you remove material.
Acetal, PEEK and PVC plastic materials have superior machining characteristics, plus they resist melting and chipping while offering good dimensional stability.

Q: Why is plastic so popular?
A: Since the invention of industrial-grade polymers, the invasion of plastic into all the branches of modern industry has been unstoppable. And there are a lot of reasons for that. I’ll name only the three main reasons. Plastic parts are cheap, lightweight, and durable. Let’s talk about the first point here. By cheap, I mean that the cost of Plastic CNC Machining is much lower than that of metal parts.

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