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Advantages of aluminum alloy as a common material for CNC machining


Advantages of aluminum alloy as a common material for CNC machining

An authoritative expert in the field of CNC machining - Ningbo Youlin Trading Co., Ltd. Today, we will introduce the advantages of aluminum alloy as a common material for CNC machining.
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In CNC machining, what material to choose is also a very particular thing. Combined with the actual application situation, aluminum alloy is one of the most widely used metal materials in CNC machining, because it has very good processing advantages.

First, aluminum alloys have very good thermal conductivity and can dissipate heat faster than most materials when machined. During CNC machining, the tool cuts the material at high speed, which generates a lot of heat. If the heat cannot be dissipated in time, the temperature of the spindle may be too high, which may cause damage to the motor and other equipment.

Secondly, the density of aluminum alloy is relatively low, and the resistance of the tool to cut the material is low, so the processing process is relatively fast and the energy consumption is relatively small. Therefore, high-speed machining can be used to machine aluminum alloy workpieces, and at the same time, a better surface finish can be obtained.

In addition, aluminum alloys are light in weight, moderate in strength, high in toughness, easy to color, coat and oxidize, so they have a wide range of applications. From the structural components of airplanes, trains, trams, automobiles, to the manufacture of industrial machinery and tools, the electrical industry, components of thermal installations, etc.