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What is the process of low pressure casting process


Ningbo Youlin Trading Co., Ltd., an expert in the low pressure casting process, tells you the flow of the low pressure casting process.
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Low pressure casting process, low pressure casting is a method of filling a cavity with liquid metal under pressure to form a casting. Because of the lower pressure used, it is called low pressure casting. The process is as follows: in the sealed crucible (or sealed tank), dry compressed air is introduced, and the molten metal rises along the liquid riser under the action of gas pressure, enters the cavity smoothly through the gate, and maintains the crucible. The gas pressure on the inner liquid surface until the casting is completely solidified. Then, the gas pressure on the liquid surface is relieved, so that the unsolidified metal liquid in the liquid riser flows into the crucible, and then the cylinder is opened and the casting is pushed out.