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Our Forging Process services mainly include Press Forging, Die Forging, Cold Forging, Hot Forging, etc.

Forging is a manufacturing process that uses compressive forces to form metal into the desired shapes and sizes. Industry professionals employ a variety of different forging process—depending on the material and the product being forged—each of which carries its own advantages and best uses.

According to the temperature at which it is performed, forging process is often categorized cold, warm, or hot forging. Beyond that there are several forging processes with different capabilities and benefits.

Drop forging derives its name from the process of dropping a hammer onto the metal to mold it into the shape of the die. The die refers to the surfaces that come into contact with the metal. There are two drop forging process—open-die and closed-die forging. Dies are typically flat in shape with some having distinctively shaped surfaces for specialized operations.

Roll forging consists of two cylindrical or semi-cylindrical horizontal rolls that deform a round or flat bar stock. This works to reduce its thickness and increase its length. This heated bar is inserted and passed between the two rolls—each containing one or more shaped grooves—and is progressively shaped as it is rolled through the machine. This forging process continues until the desired shape and size is achieved.

Press forging process uses a slow, continuous pressure or force, instead of the impact used in drop-hammer forging. The slower ram travel means that the deformation reaches deeper, so that the entire volume of the metal is uniformly affected. Contrastingly, in drop-hammer forging, the deformation is often only at the surface level while the metal’s interior stays somewhat undeformed. By controlling the compression rate in press forging, the internal strain can also be controlled.

The forging process is highly multipurpose and can be used on small parts just a few inches in size to large components that weigh up to 700,000 lbs. It is used to produce critical aircraft parts and transportation equipment. Forging is also used to fortify hand tools such as chisels, rivets, screws, and bolts.
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