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Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of a metal through hammering, pressing, or rolling. These compressive forces are delivered with a hammer or die. Forging is often categorized according to the temperature at which it is performed—cold, warm, or hot forging.

Our Forging services include Forging Process and Metal Forging.

The purpose of forging is to create metal parts. Compared to other manufacturing methods, metal forging produces some of the sturdiest manufactured parts available.  As metal is heated and pressed, minor cracks are sealed, and any empty spaces in the metal close.

The hot forging process also breaks up impurities in the metal and redistributes such material across the metalwork. This vastly reduces inclusions in the forged part. Inclusions are compound materials implanted inside steel throughout manufacturing that cause stress points in the final forged parts.

While impurities should be managed during the initial casting process, forging further refines the metal. Another way that forging strengthens metal is by alternating its grain structure, which is the metal material's grain flow as it deforms. Through forging, a favorable grain structure can be created, making the forged metal sturdier.
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